The White Rabbit Difference.

Are you tired of overpaying for lackluster recruiting results? I know I was fed up working for agencies that charged exorbitant fees, knowing that the businesses who needed my help the most were the ones that couldn’t afford it. With that in mind, I started White Rabbit Search to make a difference. We deliver top quality talent at a price that you can afford. Moreover, we understand how important it is to build the RIGHT team.

It is our fundamental belief that the people you hire will determine the success of your tech startup. Building a company can be an adventure. Hiring doesn't have to be. Let us introduce you to the talent that will take your team to the next level!

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For better or worse, we believe in honesty first.

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We always have your startup’s best interests in mind.

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Think of us as your talent and hiring partner, instead of another vendor.

The Man Behind the Rabbit

Corey White is a talent expert. He earned a psychology degree from USC and was a professional track and field athlete, so Corey knows his way around well-functioning teams. Outside of work, he is a husband, proud #girldad, and fitness expert. Between gym sessions and partnering with clients, you can find him with his wife, daughter, and two pups at the nearest beach or hiking trail!