Sales has evolved over the years, from ABC (Always Be Closing) to Always be Helping and  Listening. The ideal sales person for your team, now more of a sherpa than a hunter, believes in your brand, tells your company’s story, and tactfully guides your customers through the buying process. 

The methods and approaches to connecting with new customers may have changed, but the fact remains that your sales team provides that makes your company grow B2B, B2C, Inbound or Outbound, White Rabbit Search knows Sales and we can help you identify and attract your next top-producing team member.

Business Development Reps (BDRs)
Sales Development Reps (SDRs)
Account Executives (AEs)
Sales Analysts

Anyone can place SDRs and AEs. The difference is knowing what characteristics to look for that help drive your business forward. We look at company stage, industry, deal size, and much more to find the right B2B sales talent for your team.